Robin Shepherd Hut Gallery

Robin Shepherd Hut

Robin Shepherd Hut was for a client that originally wanted a room in the roof of their house for an extra bedroom. The clients saw the signage on our works van and looked at the website. They were happily surprised that the cost was much cheaper than having a room in the roof and were delighted that they could have it in their small but beautiful garden. It is something delightful to look at and to enhance their surroundings, enjoying their garden all year round. This Shepherd hut is used as a spare bedroom for guests and a home office. The hut includes a handmade wooden double bed with storage underneath and a wooden open shelving unit, a dark fumed solid oak floor, 1 renovated stained glass window with the frame made out of wooden church beams. A tall commissioned handmade portrait stained glass window and an upcycled large antique window. Lights include lamps made out of upcycled antique blow torches and vintage jelly molds. It has upcycled slate roof tiles which have been used to protect the wall beside the small hobbit log burner. Due to limited access the hut was constructed onsite.