Finished Projects

A selection of our Shepherd Huts and other wooden structures

From here you can see a selection of our recently finished high quality Shepherd huts, custom made. Each one is unique with there own stamp of individuality. Please click on an image to find out more about the project. To view the gallery click on the ‘Go to gallery’ button and click on the first image to see all the image in full. If you would like to see our show hut please contact us for a viewing.

Our Lighting

The finishing touches are what makes a room, lighting is a very important element to create the right ambiance. Our lighting is creative and are usually made from reclaimed upcycled materials. We have created lights from old blow torches, bottles, vintage colanders, old Jacob Cracker tins and vintage jelly molds. We are always looking for new ways to create interesting light. See examples of our lighting ideas below in the image gallery.

Cabin Summer House

A client asked us to revamp their old Summer House so they could use it as an art studio. The framework is made out of old oak. the front is cladded in oak feather board and the doors are 1940’s which came from a school. The underside of the roof and flooring are made from reclaimed floor boards. Please visit the gallery to see the before and after.

Fire works Coot 2017
Coot Shepherd Hut

This has been our largest Shepherd Hut build to date measuring 16ft x 8ft, we constructed the hut onsite in Hove, East Sussex. Due to the client wishing to keep to garden development specifications, we decided to make this hut without wheels to keep it under the height restriction. This then allowed us the opportunity to build a large veranda which runs the length of the hut. Thus creating a great inside outside space, where you can enjoy your garden all year round.

Finch hut, huts
Finch Shepherd Hut

Stay in one of our Luxury Huts.

Experience the luxury of one of our Shepherd huts, by booking a mini break away in the peaceful woodland setting close to the South Downs National park. To book your stay please call Janice on telephone 01403 711544, mobile 07733 238 169 or email Please visit for more information.

Wren Shepherd Hut

Wren Shepherd Hut is our show hut we have taken it to various shows including the Vintage Fair at Firle and the Wood Fair at Bentley Wildfowl Museum. It is great taking this hut to shows so people can see the quality of our work and experience the cosy rustic charm. Even though this is the smallest one we have made to date measuring 10ft x 7ft it still feels spacious as it has many clever space saving ideas. From Easter 2017 you will be able to hire Wren Shepherd Hut at Wilderness Wood based in East Sussex, Hadlow Down. You can hire for one night or a mini break away in this peaceful woodland setting close to Ashdown Forest. To book your stay please contact Emily and Dan visit and for more information please visit

Jay Shepherd Hut
Jay Shepherd Hut

Jay Shepherd Hut is used as a spare bedroom and alternative office space measuring 15ft x 7ft in Coopers Green, East Sussex. The shepherd hut was built onsite due to restricted access, the exterior is super black, stained in Barn Black with the steps, doors and windows to match. This hut has some lovely upcylced features, the high bed and bench area is made from vintage dark oak paneling. The pull out dining room table and office desk is made from a reclaimed mahogany science counter from Brighton, East Sussex. The stained glass window pelmet and other wooden brackets are made from an old foot pump from a bellow organ.

huts, Robin Hut
Robin Shepherd Hut

This Shepherd hut was for a client that originally wanted a room in the roof for an extra bedroom. The clients saw the signage on our works van and looked at the website. They were happily surprised that the cost was much cheaper than having a room in the roof and were delighted that they could have it in their small but beautiful garden. It is something delightful to look at and to enhance their surroundings, enjoying their garden all year round. This hut is used as a spare bedroom for guests and office measuring 14ft x 7ft.

Heron Shepherd Hut

Heron Shepherd Hut is a small one measuring 10ft x 7ft. This hut is being used as a wash and dye room. The units to hide the white goods are made from resized reclaimed doors. The top is made out of reclaimed pitch pine roof joists.

Blackbird Shepherd Hut

This Shepherd Hut was our show hut which was brought and used as a home office and guest room. It has lots of natural day light with five exterior windows: stained glass, leaded and a stable door measuring 14ft x 7ft.

Dove Aviary Square
Dove Aviary

We don’t just make Shepherd Huts, we also make garden structures. This is a Dove Aviary we made for someones garden, a beautiful bird house to house 6 Doves. The frame work and feather board is made out of French Oak, the structure includes nesting boxes and perches made out of natural tree limb branches.

Kingfisher Porch
Kingfisher Porch

We don’t just make Shepherd Huts, we also make bespoke garden structures. This is a porch and boot room that we made for the same client that brought the Jay Shepherd Hut. The porch measures 6ft x 9ft and the internal framework is constructed by reclaimed roof timbers. The windows are upcylced leaded crittall with a newly made solid oak frame. The roof is made by hand in the style of a clinker upside down boat.

Kingfisher Huts

A smaller inside-outside wooden living space to enjoy your garden and view all year round. A great space to be used for meal times with the family, an exclusive area where you can entertain guests, a cosy spot for relaxing, pondering or reading. These structures where possible are made from reclaimed materials and each structure is unique which can include old windows, made to measure fabric roll-up sides and shutters. The Kingfisher Huts include bench seats surrounding a dining table, these seats can include storage. The Clinker style wooden boat roof is handmade, sitting in the space you can admire the craftsmanship of the inside of the boat.