Family Garden House

In our spare time we are creating our own family Amazing Space. George Clarke eat your heart out! We are converting our shed into a room for the family, a playhouse for the kids in the day/yoga room and to entertain guests at night.

It will have sleeping facilities for our extended family and friends when they visit and the house if full! Our aim is to try and make it for free, by constructing it from recycled and found materials. To date we have created a porch area over the old whittle glass doors which we got given from some friends. The floor has been made from free Beech Wood from Gum tree, which we have sanded and have come up beautifully. The next steps is to insulate with free insulation that I have been collecting over time. I have ideas of bunk beds set into the wall, where you can open a hatch to star gaze. Watch this space as it evolves!

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