Coot Shepherd Hut Gallery

Coot Shepherd Hut

Coot Shepherd Hut has been our largest build to date, we constructed the hut onsite in Hove, East Sussex. Due to the client wishing to keep to garden development specifications, we decided to make this hut without wheels to keep it under the height restriction. This then allowed us the opportunity to build a large veranda which runs the length of the hut. Thus creating a great inside outside space, where you can enjoy your garden all year round. This hut is used for a garden and guest room, with a double bed which includes a pull out table and ample storage. We created a storage wall unit which was made out of old wooden boxes including a vintage carpenter’s tool box. This was a striking visual element as the interior of the boxes were painted different colours. One inventive element was a pendant light on a pulley system so you could raise and lower, to create a different ambience. The shade was made from a vintage enamel colander.